Pre-Fab Pad vs. Real Concrete Pad

Pre-fab pads are intended to reduce the cost of a generator installation but a real concrete pad (poured-in-place) will last a lot longer.

We often see competitors install generators as cheaply as possible. Why is Heritage Generator more expensive for the same generator system?

Here’s a photo of what happens to a generator in Alabama soils when you don’t pour a real concrete pad:

This was installed by a local electrical company who isn’t familiar with generators or does not prioritize reliability. The generator has sunk down about 3 inches, putting stress on the gas flex hose. This unit is only about 1 year old, and in the next year or so will require complete removal and rework of the foundation.

As a generator buyer, you should realize that any money you save up front will be more than lost in later years redoing the same work over and over again. Do it right the first time. Call Heritage Generator!