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Cummins Connect Cloud for Residential Generators

Cummins has a great feature on their air-cooled residential/light-commercial generators. It’s called Connect Cloud and you can view your generator status from anywhere in the world. Cummins Connect Cloud is a feature included with Cummins 20kW and other sizes of air-cooled generator from Cummins. It’s difficult to set up, but it works well once it’s […]

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Natural Gas Meters for Generators

Your natural gas meter might be too small for your generator. Here’s why it’s a problem… If you’re installing a natural gas-fueled generator to keep the power on during a power outage, obviously you need a suitable supply of natural gas to keep it going. When designing a generator system, customers often ask if natural

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Pre-Fab Pad vs. Real Concrete Pad

Pre-fab pads are intended to reduce the cost of a generator installation but a real concrete pad (poured-in-place) will last a lot longer. We often see competitors install generators as cheaply as possible. Why is Heritage Generator more expensive for the same generator system? Here’s a photo of what happens to a generator in Alabama